About Us

eClassroom idea was conceived in 2015 but its development began in year 2017, we presently have more than 10,000 online-learners using our platform. eClassroom platform seems to be a response to a desperate need of teachers and parents for good quality educational support resources for their children. All our resources are written by subject specialists at the top of their chosen field.

We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and quality in all we do. We engage in continuous improvement in our work and we drive innovations in development, learning and value collaborative activities that facilitate discovery. Accomplishing our mission requires a positive and productive working environment

Content is developed for each class and learning area. We are always hard at work developing new modules or adding to existing material. Our platform provides tutoring for both primary and secondary schools and is developed for Primary 1-6, Jss 1-3 and SS 1-3 for a minimum registration fee.

Why Choose Us?

We are a fun, passionate group of people who live, eat and sleep everything education! We develop high quality resources that combines proficiency and skills for all learners in both primary and secondary schools. We keep the same look and feel so that our resources are recognised everywhere! Our team loves to stay in tune with changing trends in the education industry so we can help learners realise their full potential.

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