On eclassroom

His Majesty Software Ltd in partnership with some first class tutors within and outside Nigeria has made an outstanding contribution to help students in Nigeria attain their academic greatness and excellence.

We have one goal-to help you see yourself succeed. This is something we believe it should impart greatly on our educational system. We also knew it would be better if he build online classroom preparatory platform that is affordable and accessible for all. That’s why we built it because we believe in it. By introducing eclassroomng.com to people around you we will together changed the way people think about our education. Building on eClassroom’s mission to provide greater access to affordable, world class education, eClassroom delivers a fully personalized online experience.

eClassroom idea was conceived in 2015 but its development began in year 2017, we presently have more than 10,000 online-learners using our platform. eClassroom platform seems to be a response to a desperate need of teachers and parents for good quality educational support resources for their children. All our resources are written by subject specialists at the top of their chosen field.

We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and quality in all we do. We engage in continuous improvement in our work and we drive innovations in development, learning and value collaborative activities that facilitate discovery. Accomplishing our mission requires a positive and productive working environment Content is developed for each class and learning area. We are always hard at work developing new modules or adding to existing material. Our platform provides tutoring for both primary and secondary schools and is developed for Primary 1-6, Jss 1-3 and SS 1-3 for a minimum registration fee.

We have predesigned thousands of lesson note, audios and videos by top professional tutors both in Nigeria and Abroad.

Once you registered, you become a full member and you have access to the following benefits

  • Access to our educational portal
  • Opportunity to prepare ahead of your peers and acquire knowledge and education that is presently not taught in schools
  • The platform prepares students ahead of WAEC, GCE, NECO and JAMB examinations
  • Access to unlimited educational materials that are not found in bookshops or schools
  • Interaction among students and teachers via students/teachers forum
  • Problem solving, and cognitive skills
  • Scholarship opportunity
  • Ability to study anywhere, anytime, any day without interference
  • Development of computer skills
  • Highly affordable and resourceful
  • It helps to improve self discipline
  • Easy access to our professional tutors
  • Meet real tutors in virtual classroom
  • Performance follow-up by parents
  • We covered all classes from JSS1-SS3 including students preparing for WAEC, GCE, NECO or JAMB

  • Classnote module
  • eBookshop module
  • eLibrary module
  • Assessment module
  • Online Quiz
  • Online study videos
  • Assignment module
  • Test module
  • Report Card module
  • Past Questions module
  • Document Download module
  • Student’s forum module
  • Meet real tutors in virtual classroom
  • WAEC, NECO AND GCE module
  • No! This is just a preparatory platform but you have access to scholarship opportunity

    Yes! You can always join us anytime, any day, anywhere

    Yes! With one on one professional tutors

    Yes! Both Nigeria and Oversea

    This has been designed to help your child in an impressive and excellent ways. Your child studies ahead the peers, acquires extra knowledge not taught in his or her classroom in the comfort of your home. Both investigation and research made us understand that students tend not to ask question during class session due to being shying or embarrassment from either the teacher or other students in the same class. Being on this platform allows he or she access to ask other students on the platform questions that seem too difficult for him or her pertaining to the subject via student forum or direct questions from admin. This preparatory platform was designed to assist student go higher in education and knowledge than their counterparts. We have made provisions for interval test, weekly assignment, lavish study notes and videos, online library, document download module; report card is issued at the end of the each term, student attendance, Quiz module of more than 100,000 questions and answers, and more Registering on this platform guarantees a positive educational transformation within few months. You will be the one to testify and recommend our platform to others