How we were founded

Teaching Simplified, Learning Amplified.

Learning is a journey, and teachers guide the way. Share the excitement of teaching and learning every day with eclassroom and discover a whole new way to love the school day. We are not contending with schools instead this is a preparatory platform built to assist students

We blow our learners’ minds

Real-time reporting, rich media-driven portfolios, a vibrant collaborative learning experience, top-notch unit plans from teachers around the world, and much more. Prepare to get excited about the learning journey every day.

Join the global community transforming learning with eClassroom

Schools around the country use eClassroom to provide real-time portfolio based evidence of learning, make assessment transparent, reporting a breeze, and to keep parents and learners in the loop. Put your children in charge of their learning, and of their future.

eClassroom was Created by a small team of amazing people around the world committed to transforming learning and creating a bright future. eClassroom builds confident, capable and responsible independent learners.

Our Focus and operation

A complete solution to visualize learning pathways. Follow an achievement standard from the school level through each classroom and see the evidence of every learner. Our idea is to ensure our students lead all through, achieve more academic success and brilliancy. What would be taught in their school on Tuesday must have been taught on our platform on Monday, when a child access our "Class Note" and does not understand, he goes to "Advanced Materials to study more, where he does not understand again, he goes to "Video section to study more on the same topic and subject, still don't understand? enter chat room, live-chat with any of our teachers and it is done