Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and quality in all we do. We engage in continuous improvement in our work and we drive innovations in development, learning and value collaborative activities that facilitate discovery. Accomplishing our mission requires a positive and productive working environment.

  • What is eClassroom all about?

    eClassroom is a preparatory platform for Nigerian students covering JSS 1 to SS3. The platform offers everything student needs to achieve academic greatness and excellence in this 21st century. We have one goal-to help you succeed academically. eClassroom is something we believe it should impact greatly on our educational system. We also know it would be better if we build an online classroom preparatory platform that is affordable and accessible for all. That is why we built it because we believe in it by introducing to people around you, we will together change the way people think about our education, provide greater access to affordable, world class education. eClassroom delivers a fully personalized online experience.

  • Why should I register my child on this platform?

    Once your child joins their colleagues on eClassroom, he will immediately discover what he has been missing over the years - Unparallel lesson notes prepared by top tutors in Nigeria and overseas in line with the curriculum; - More than 20,000 pre-recorded lesson videos - Elibrary where your child can read free books and download as many as he wants - Live-Chat with teachers 24/7 and a particular problem solved immediately - Access to unlimited educative e-magazines - Access to study materials written by subject-experts - Access to participate in our quarterly Online Quiz and win cash prizes up to two hundred thousand naira quarterly - Opportunity to interact with other students in student’s forum platform ask any questions and get it solved immediately by senior colleagues or teachers - Access to eClassroom fun-zone where a robot cracks a joke and educate you; never a boring moment with fun-zone - Access to lavish past questions and answers - Access to eClassroom Online Bookstore where you can read and download unlimited free books - Parents have access to see what their children are doing online - Teachers give assessment regarding each student and their performances - Parents can view the login sessions of their children

  • We are in 1 st term; can I still join the platform?

    Yes. Absolutely Yes. You can join us anytime, any day, any where

  • What are the requirements before joining?

    Only a mobile phone, tablet or laptop with active data subscription

  • How much data will I use per month while studying?

    From our experience, N500 worth of data subscription is enough for 3 months. Our platform does not consume data

  • What classes do you cover?

    JSS 1 to SS3

  • Am preparing for WAEC, NECO, GCE can I make use of the platform?

    Absolutely Yes.

  • How does this platform influence my child’s education?

    As a parent, we advise you to register as a parent on this platform it is free and monitor what your child does each time he or she is on the platform and see how he or she is progressing academically. Everything he or she is doing on this platform is recorded and parents have access to view it eClassroom is built in a way that when a child does not understand a particular topic in Class Note, he goes to Study materials to study more, if he does not understand that specific topic again, he goes to video section (we have more than 4 videos treating each topic; videos made by foreign and Nigerian tutors), where he does not understand the topic again; he chats directly one-on-one with teacher teaching that subject for more clarification and explanation. The teacher does not give up on him until he understands. This is how we have been transforming our student’s lives since inception