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Register as a student, this platform covers Jss 1 to SSS3. There are thousands of lesson notes and videos that follow Nigerian and British academic curriculum.

Online lesson. Real-world results

Still don't understand after using the lesson note and videos? Connect with expert tutors, they are always online to help.

More than 20 learning modules

Free ebookshop, free library, participate in online quiz and win prizes, daily attendance, fun zone, student forum, past questions and answers and much more.

The number one and largest e-learning platform

With eClassroom, you can study anywhere, anytime in the comfort of your home without the help of anyone, our teachers act as guide whenever help is needed.

With more than 20,000 videos & free textbooks

We never limit on usage. You can download as many textbooks and notes as you want. Feeling bored? make use of "Fun Zone" and laugh like never before while at the same time learning

Teacher organize group chat with students to make teaching and learning easier. You may also choose to live-chat a particular teacher.


Every student is unique.

We recognize that every student is unique and learns in a unique style. Individual attention is the strongest tool to help each student overcome learning hurdles.

  • An award winning platform having more than 10,000 students using our platform.
  • We reach the most students as much as possible and help them excel in their education
  • Anytime anywhere online study site with an interactive module that helps students and tutors.
  • We are a fun, passionate group of people who live, eat and sleep everything education!
  • Education is the cornerstone of society. We believe if we all succeed as individuals we will succeed as a society.
  • Seem to be a response to a desperate need of teachers and parents for good quality education.

We Provided Resourceful Package

Our vision is to make learning easier, affordable and quality by provoking authentic, comprehensive, creative and challenging learning experience. We want the future learning now.

We make it ridiculously easy to learn online

Ready for all devices; whether it is desktop, tablet or a smartphone. our students can take their lessons anywhere, anytime at their relaxed moment

If you can dream it, we can achieve and deliver it


eClassroom Advantages.

1. As a student, you have access to thousands of lesson notes, videos

2. Access to pick any of our qualified teachers and ask questions whenever assistance is needed

3. Access to free ebookshop and library where you can read and download unlimited books

4. Participate in online quiz and win prizes up to two hundred thousand naira every quarter

5. Participate in school forum and share your thought on various topics and receive suggestions from colleagues and more

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We always try to understand students' expectation

Many schools, parents, tutors and students use this platform. This is why we stand as No. 1 in Nigeria and largest in Africa









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