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  • Parents: Why your dream school is here

    1. We have the best collection of schools
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Benefits for both parents and school owners

  1. View schools listed under each local government, consider their school facilities, school fees, their locations, read onschool notice board, direct link to school website, contact school admin or school management via contact form
  2. View and compare schools to ascertain what each school offers in term of school facilities, school fees etc
  3. Have direct access to school admin or contact person phone number, email or make use of contact form to contact your preferred school
  4. Search school by making use of our active search engine section. You could search by LOCATION, SCHOOL NAME or LOCAL GOVERNMENT
  5. Download school admission form, complete it and send back to school email address

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All Featured Local Govt.

Below are the list of featured schools in all Local Governments.

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